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Freitag, 20. Juli 2007

Codes / Reader

2d-codes are the further development of 1d barcodes which you can find on every single product. Overall there are 100 various types of barcodes. Most of them are you used in the field of logstics and were originally developed for this purpose.In terms of mobile tagging a dozen codes come into operation.

For reading out 2d-barcodes it is essential to install a specific software, a reader, on the mobile device.

Which Readers are appropriate for which codes?

QR-Code:i-Nigma Activeprint J2ME QR-Code Kaywa Nokia Quickmark Neoreader

DataMatrix:i-Nigma Activeprint J2MEDataMatrix Kaywa Nokia Qickmark TagIt Neoreader

UPCode: UPCode

Trillcode Trillcode

Quickmark: Quickmark

Shotcode: Shotcode

mCode: connexTo

Beetagg: Beetagg

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