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Dienstag, 21. August 2007

Tagpreneure (4) - Findbook

Today we are able to present you the first non-german speaking Tagpreneuer. We already wrote an article (german) about Findbook and are glad to present you the company more detailed now.

Who are you? (a short presentation of your company)
  • (, an integrated web service of search engine and information database for publications, also one of leading specified field search engines and price comparison website in Taiwan.
  • Findbook can search books by keyword, publication item, creators' name and full-text (only some authorized publications). For every book, Findbook can provide the basic information, description and retail marketing information (especially for online book store pricing comparison function)
  • The Chinese books is the largest part of Findbook database, but it was designed for multi-lingual environment. Which means Findbook can store book information in any language from any data source.

In which field do you use mobile tagging ? (a description of your campaign or project)
  • Currently, we provide mobile tagging in QRCode format for pricing comparison information.
  • We'll expand the application scope of mobile tagging based on our users feedback and demand.

Why do you prefer 2D barcodes to other technologies like sms services, bluetooth or RFID ?
  • 2D barcode is the best, easiest and cheapest method to transfer information from website to users' mobile/handheld.
  • Currently, we store the information about cheapest retailer in the barcode by pure text format, not a website URL for mobile/handheld. In the near future, we'll also provide a URL in the barcode, as the most popular use as other applications.

What was the reason for choosing this particular barcode ? (like QR Code, Data Matrix, Beetagg, Shotcode, etc.)
  • In Asia market, Japan leads the QRCode applications. In a few years, NTT DoCoMo cooperated with Taiwan local telecom provider and introduced QRCode to Taiwan market. Now, the most popular format of 2D barcode in Taiwan is QRCode. That's why we choose this for our first format to provide the service.
  • The another reason is that the free subway newspaper in Taipei (Taiwan) has already spend the education resource on most mobile users about the QRCode. We don't need to educate the market again by other format.

What goals do you want to achieve whith mobile tagging ?
  • Since our users may want to take a look on the books they want to buy, they can store the book price information to their mobile/handheld in pure text format. When they get in the local book store, they don't need to connect the Internet (by 3G, WiFi, WiMax .. etc), but just browse the pre-saved price information from the mobile tagging.

How did your target group adopt your project and the technology ? ( answering this question is not obligatory)
  • It's simple for an online website. Just put a bigger enough 2D barcode on the webpage, users can just capture on their screen. :)

What role do you see mobile tagging having in the future ? ( predictions in the future on the development of the technology )
  • The 2D barcode provides a fast method to transmit data from digital device, even the transportation process is in the real world. For consumer market in Taiwan, also in Japan, 2D barcode has been already applied on the movie ticketing, free coupon.. etc in our real world.
  • We'll continue to develop more applications and services for 2D mobile tagging for transport information between different people or companies.

Have you any further questions or comments to contribute ?
  • We're still the freshman in the mobile tagging field, but we're very open-minded for any suggestion or cooperation opportunity.

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