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Mittwoch, 19. September 2007

What is Mobile-Tagging

Mobile tagging means the process of scanning, decoding and reading out the content of a 2d barcode by using a camera of a mobile device. Various types of information can be saved in the code. However url are mostly ciphered in the codes. Just one click with your camera and your handy browser links you to the requested website. That is why 2d barcodes take on the function of hyperlinks in the use of the mobile internet. Due to their user friendliness they have become the key technology for mobile surfing. Annoying typing of long url's on the inappropriate keyboard is a thing of the past.

For tagging a 2d barcode you essentially need to install a reader and a free software programme on your mobile phone. Here you have an overview of the types of reader which are available.

Physical World Connection (PWC)
Physical World Connection is the next logical step in the development of internet technologies.Objects of the real world will be connected with the internet.By virtue of 2d barcodes objects and advertising media, which has been very static so far, gain in interactivity and dynamic. The opportunities for the advertising industry which result from this effect are immense.


2d-codes are a further development of 1d barcodes which you can find on every single product. Overall there are 100 various types of barcodes. Most of them are you used in the field of logstics and were originally developed for this purpose.In terms of mobile tagging a dozen codes come into operation.

Commercial tagging
Commercial tagging includes the use of more-dimensional barcodes, especially in the fields of mobile marketing and advertising. Showcases in this context are additional information on products (f.e. the nutrient content on hamburgers), direct downloads (f.e. free ringtones, clips or mobile games) and the direct link to a specific site of a company. Particulary in the field of commercial tagging it is vital that the code is able to be branded (= it is possible to integrate a logo in the code).

Public tagging
In terms of public tagging barcodesserve as hyperlinks to additional information on public information carriers. These details may include location plans, customer reviews or other non-commercial advices.

Private tagging
In the view of private tagging personal motives come to the fore. Besides the oppurtunitity of creating direct hyperlinks on blogs or profiles, it is possible to participate immediately in online auctions (f.e. barcodes on cars with ebay hyperlinks). Furthermore barcodes allow services like saving data automatically in the contact list of mobile phones by scanning a code, , which are printed on business cards. In addtion to better user friendliness, private tagging offers novel opportunties for self-portrayal.

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