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Samstag, 28. Juni 2008

Ich tag Blumen

Pedro Morales, ein Künstler aus Venezuela, lässt nun QR-Codes in seine Werke miteinfließen. Das Opus heißt "Puras Flores" (reine Blumen). Eine detailiertere Beschreibung des Projects überlassen wir - wie es sich gehört - dem Künstler selbst:

“Puras Flores is a digital work whose scale invariability is shaped by QR codes patterns. This fractal characteristic proposes aesthetics marked by ones and zeros, whites and blacks. The work has been assembled using a raffia mesh with fabrics applications shapes. Puras Flores is a work that uses interactive digital technology integrated to cell phones equipment in order to read content with simply pointing your phone to these codes”.



Michael hat gesagt…

Can you please activate the links in your posts!

It is a real pain cutting and pasting a url like

The web is for hyperlinking :)

- Michael

mHegen hat gesagt…

Thank you for your comment. You are abolutly right. We will have a look for our links in future!

ftropf hat gesagt…

Michael said: "The web is for hyperlinking :)"

Just like the real world :)